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This course was very different from all the other courses that I’ve taken before. When I first signed up for a Literature course, I did not expect the class to be like this. This class was much more advanced in technology then any other English courses I’ve taken. I had in my mind that we would read and write papers throughout the course. We did do that but the way we wrote our papers in this class; it was more enjoyable in my opinion. I like that we had blogs to write our weekly posts because although it is like handing in a paper every week, it wasn’t like writing an essay every time. Our blog posts were more of casual writing then an essay.
Another thing I enjoyed about this class was the walking tours we went on. I did not only learn about Whitman and his literature but also about many historic landmarks in Brooklyn. The walking tours were like mini field trips and they were great experiences. It was nice to get out of the classrooms and go to these places in Brooklyn that held so much history. It’s good to read and learn about the places that we went to but it was even better to go and explore the actual places.
I’ve learned a lot in this class and gained knowledge that will help me in my future. Besides learning about the works of Whitman, I also learned other things like creating a blog and flickr, I also learned new ways of researching and this will definitely be helpful to me in my future.

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